Do you know the difference between believing in something and knowing something?

Do you know the difference between believing in something and knowing something? Think about this question. I was asked this on Friday night by Martin Sensei at Aikido.

At the time he was making a point about Aikido and life, it got me thinking and its something I think at some point i'd like to delve into further at some point with him as he has a very unique outlook on life.

Check out his website at his blog is very interesting reading

Now at the time I answered this. Believing something means you think you can do it. Knowing something means you can or have tested it. Now that i've put more thought into that I'd like to look into it more thoroughly.

Lets pick an area I am confident in. Science specifically Gravity.

Do you Believe in Gravity or do you know Gravity exists. Well the nice thing about Gravity is believe in it or not, it doesn't matter its there and its testable and reliable. You drop a hammer it hits the floor, at no point will it decide to fly into the air or off into space unless you have changed the test. 

Ok that was easy. How about something more obscure. (I'm leaving religion out of this today we know my thoughts on that)

Let's say you take a job. When you take the job you are told work hard and work well and if the company is doing well you will get a bonus.

So you work hard all year, put in the extra hours. Get them extra sales in whatever. You hear the company is doing well, stocks are up and it's that time of the year of pay rises and bonuses. You Believe you have worked hard, you believe you are getting that bonus.

Every time the phone rings or email lands on your desk you twitched nervously. Day after day passed. No call, no envelope, no bonus. Perhaps you had got it all wrong. The next day a Private & Confidential email arrives inside the mail an encrypted file and a password sent on a 2nd email. You open the attached file and boom there's your bonus. Now you no longer believe you are getting a bonus you know you are.

Martin had a better way of explaining his thoughts

‘Believing’ means that you have chosen a truth, but ‘knowing’ means that you are certain about that truth.
‘Believing’ always leaves room for doubt, but ‘knowing’ leads to confidence.
— Martin Acton Sensei

Aikido with Martin is not just about self defence it's about opening your mind and knowing yourself. 

I leave with this final thought

‘Believing’ is blind trust, while ‘knowing’ is trusting with awareness.
— Rays random thoughts