Sorry been very quiet for a while. Between moving house and work bla bla bla, excuses.

So as the American election is in full swing and the candidate I most wanted to win is out (Bernie Sanders) I thought I'd do a post on the closest thing to my political views. This was prompted by several discussions with work colleagues and friends.

So If you had to pen my views into a corner (everyone seems to want to label everyone) I would most closely associate my views with Libertarianism.

Now I live in Northern Ireland and honestly I doubt most people here have heard of Libertarianism never mind actually ever thought about themselves as such, so before I say any more I want to briefly go into what Libertarianism is.

Libertarianism is a political philosophy that takes individual liberty to be the primary political focus. It is best understood as a form of liberalism. 

These include 

  • The right to life
  • Liberty
  • Private property
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • Freedom of worship (yes I'm an Atheist but I won't stop someone from worship)
  • Government by consent
  • Equality under law
  • Moral autonomy (the pursuit of your own view of happiness, or the "good life")

Seems pretty good right, lots of common sense. However, there isn't any main political party in the UK or America that's actually like this. There are some American states that have elected officials that are libertarian but it's a drop in the ocean. So why isn't there any major Libertarian governments, well lots of reasons: 

Money is the main one. The decentralisation of governments means less to almost no taxes. The people who want the government to support them (you know the ones, never go to work, want a free house and money weekly just for existing like the world owes them a favour).

Sadly Libertarian government in the UK simply couldn't work it would never get into power. The rich want Capitalism to rein and to keep the gap between the rich and poor so wide as to be insurmountable to all but a few. The people who are totally reliant on benefits wouldn't vote cause who would pay for them?

Oh, point Libertarianism means you really don't want to pay taxes for stuff you don't want to. Or shouldn't have to. 

Basically, I reject the way our government collects revenue I mean it's a case of your born here now pay taxes or get thrown in Jail. I think at some point in the future we are going to look back on this as barbaric. Like slavery or arranged marriages, everyone was ok with it till a few people pointed out it was wrong and inefficient. Now we look back on it with shame and disgust. At some point, I think tax will be the same. Who has the right to say hey give me money or I put you in a cage?

I mean yes we need law's and government; people to enforce those said laws. It's easy to say ok you're a murder, lock em up. You're a Rapist, lock em up. You're a child molester, lock em up with the rapist and murder in the same cell etc, however, is it ok for to say, throw someone in jail who refuses to pay tax to say fund a war they don't believe in?  I say no. Morally this is a conundrum that modern society faces.

I don't have the answer nor do I believe that a society based totally upon the rules of Libertarianism has all the answers either. What I do know is that people are not happy in general, most don't even know why or what they can do about it. I do think things will change. I believe that although the American Elections have been a bit of a reality tv experience a lot of people have come to realise that actually we aren't happy with the system. We like the US are not happy with only 2 main parties and the US or them mentality. Yes, there is still a lot of people like that. Northern Ireland is a prime example. DUP or SF. Most people don't even know what the party policies are they just don't want the other to win. 

How can we possibly progress as a country as a species if we keep up this tribalism? I've totally gone off track now and I'm on the soapbox. But really the DUP are as unliberal as it gets and I was technically raised a Prod. Gay marriage does it hurt anyone? nope then why stop someone? Actually, I'm going to stop here as I've gone completely off track. However you get the point, I don't think how it's done currently is right and I know what I'd like to see change.

Oh and to those who think we need a strict form of government I give you Morpheus 


Till the next time.