Racism, Equality and Social justice

Heavy Subject. Right so lets begin. I'm a white male, working in a middle class IT job for the stock market.

So lets face it i've been given a silver spoon as far as many people would see it. I've not had to deal with sexism, racism and as far as the social ladder goes well i'm good.

Ok so lets get the cat out of the bag. Let's get my views out there. 

I am not a feminist I am a humanist.  Links included to general overview. Basically I agree that Women in general are still discriminated against in certain areas. However most hardline feminists wasnt want women to become the equivalent in my eyes of what men were in the early 19th century. I don't believe this is right and two wrongs do not make a right. In fact I believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation or religion (though we have already established in my previous blog I think religion is a no go) 

Ok so that seems fair, probably unrealistic due to the fact nearly everyone wants to have power in some way. I have two daughters and I want to think they will have the same opportunities as everyone else out there. I also expect my sons to have exactly the same chance. 

So what about racism, you're a white male you have probably never experienced racism in your life living in Northern Ireland. I could pull thats a racist comment and I am offended by that. (Really wish everyone would stop being offended by everything now) Right racism isn't cool. Black, White, whatever I will be cool with anyone. I work with people of all colours of skin, I don't treat them any different. I know it happens with other people and you can try to educate these people. Sometimes it works, sometimes they are so enamored with it they either can't or don't want to see any other way. Thats sad, often it isn't their fault its just where they grew up and the social circle they ended up in.  

So what about people's sexual orientation I mean people hate gay people or transgender people. Let's set this one straight (pun intended) I don't give a monkeys about it, I am just as uncomfortable sitting in a train with two straight people eating the face of the other as I do seeing two gay people eating the face of the other. Get a room lol. No really what ever you do in the bedroom is up to you. So long as children are not involved and it's consensual.

I do have one thing I am really finding hard to agree with. I've seen and heard but thankfully not had to deal with anyone wanting a gender-neutral pronoun if you are a he then your Mr. if you are a she, then Miss or Mrs. If you have both bits pick one but stick to it. The idea of someone asking to be called Ze or Zhe because you want your spelling to be different or some other noun is just insanity to me. I'm a very liberal guy but honestly this smacks of attention seeking. Just stop it.


So that's the perspective of the un-oppressed, white, male, middle class, straight guy who if you're sending me a letter wants Mr as my prononun says.  

Feel free to comment.