Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens

So lets just get it out there. I love Star Wars, Yes I was there on premier night at 12:01am to see the opening in Northern Ireland with my big fella Craig. 

So what did I think?

Love it!

It's been over 6 weeks since release so clearly if you haven't seen it by now you either don't care or have been in the Antarctic. So if you are the latter SPOILER ALERT.

So over all story, many people have said its a rerun of episode 4. 

They are pretty much right, but lets consider Episode 4. Luke parent less (yes he lives with Aunt and Uncle) lives on a planet covered in sand. Episode 1 Anakin single parent mother with what we are told is emaculate conception, lives on a planet covered in sand. Episode 7 Rey abandoned on a planet covered in sand to fend for herself. All similar but slightly different. I'm quiet ok with this being the start of the story as the other trilogies have done exactly the same.

I'm not going to deep dive on this blog who I think Rey's parents are or who they could be. Thats a post all on its own.

Fin. Well developed character, loved his back story. Really believable character and I did like the idea of a Stormtrooper who was force sensitive. Shame he wasn't or not shown to be so far.

Han Solo. Man I'm still gutted about that, seen it coming and had the scene of the movie with Kylo on the bridge. He has been cast for episode 8. I do clearly think he is dead so probably flash backs.

Chewbacca. Finally! he has more screen time and we get to see how kickass the star wars techy really is. There is a reason the bowcaster is OP in battlefront.

Kylo Ren. Ok frankly the first time I seen the movie I was like man get outa here he was emo Anakin. The next time I seen it I paid more attention to him and I can now say. Adam Driver well played man. He was brilliant. You see the conflict in him and you feel it. FYI for those that say Fin and Rey beat him. Honestly how could they not. Half the film was spent showing how much of a weapon of d00m chewys bowcaster was. Multiple stormtroopers where flung across the screen and dead in a pile with a single shot. Kylo took it and it gave him a fucking limp. he then procceded to kick Fin's ass 1 on 1 and then take on an Awakened Rey. They barely survived Kylo half dead what the hell they going to do to him when he is 100% and more training?

Stormtroopers? Yay! they hit stuff and where all you ever wanted them to be! Plus TR-8R and his Baton of awesomeness stole the show as a complete oh wow moment. Shame he died,more of this please!

Ok so overall story I got into, Starkiller base was the only criticism I had because its was deathstar Mk3 yes I could nit pick a lot but overall Star Wars is back baby. Lets bring on the next 4/5 Movies Disney do.

Actually on that Thank you Disney! You have given Marvel and Star Wars new life and the rule of the Geek at the box office is reality.