So Network Engineering....

So network engineering.. what's the craic with that?

What is it? What kind of person does it? Does it even matter anymore?

So lets try to answer these.

What is network engineering? that's a loaded question, lets break it down to your not in IT and it just sounds funny, explain it. 

Well my way to explain it is we build, maintain and control virtual roads. Frankly there is more to it than that but in a nut shell that's it.

Now unlike roads you drive on made generally of tarmac, these roads don't really exist most of the time and are virtual even within a virtual world. Confused yet? Imagine a road, now imagine potentially hundreds of other roads on top and to the side of it all of which are linked and have traffic lights, police checks, fast lanes, diversions and lots of other bits to it. Now you start to grasp the basics. Then you have to worry about the cars (packets) the passengers and whats in the boot. 

That's pretty much a poor overview but the I can manage without getting all geeky!

So who does this kind of mainly thankless yet technical job? 

Well I do :P Generally most people in my experience who do network engineering have a certain set of traits.

We all like things just so (not OCD just don't move that there it belongs there....). It just works is not a valid explaination. Documentation is someone elses job till we need it! We expect yet know that no one else understands or cares what we do. As far as IT people go its black magic!

So with the cloud now does your job even matter?

Duh the cloud is just a data centre ran by network engineers among other teams. However we are now needing to be skilled in scripting and virtualisation. For me this is a work in progress and I may well blog on this from time to time.

Comments? Welcome to comment I will try to reply when I can.